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  • Imported Arabic Bakhoor Wood Scents
  • Beautiful Aroma to Lighten up your house or Masjid During Tahlil or Other religious Function or even for the simple relaxing smell
  • Long-Lasting Relaxing Aroma
  • Each Container has a 50gm average
  • 12 Beautiful Scent Available
  • Bakhoor, Bakhoor 777, Oudh , Oudh Rose, Firdous, Vanilla , Ajwa , Amber, Musk Al-Habib , Musk, Sandalwood, Rose
  • Sticker Distrix Johor / Sticker Daerah-daerah Johor 
  • Size 9cm x 8cm
  • Sticks on all car metal body surfaces and also plain plastic surfaces / boleh lekat di badan kereta dan permukaan plastik
  • For car windows, stick it on the outer surface / untuk lekatkan di cermin kereta, sila lekat di bahagian luar cermin.



  • Lasting Fragrance
  • Ready stock
  • Fast Delivery


  • Mesmerising fragrances!
  • Brand: Viva
  • For: Women
  • Size: 100ml
  • Fragrance Type: Exotic
  • SDL328044819_1371820063_image1-0937e.jpg

Needle punched carpets are widely used for exhibitions, events, and automotive parts covering.

Because of its extremely cost-effectiveness, they are preferred by industries where better-looking substitutes of carpets are required.


Technical Specification

Fibre: 100% Coiler Heatset Frieze

Construction : Cut Pile Graphic

Machine Gauge: 1/8"

Tuft Density: 122 850 /m2

Pile Thickness: 8 mm

Total Thickness: 10 mm

Pile Gross Weight: ca. 32 oz/sqyd Total Weight: ca. 60 oz/sqyd

Backing: Action Back

Roll Width: 3.66 meter (12')

Stitches/10CM : 39.0 Static Propensity: Under 3kV

Smoke Density: Less than 45 0

Flammability: 8 passes (ASTM D-2859-96 &

CPSC FF-170)

Suitability: Mosques, Prayer Halls, Surau

  • Authentically pleasant and effortlessly charming, that is what Haramain Badar is.
  • Pleasantness is a virtue whether you feel it or present it, and the pleasing fragrance of Haramain Makkah is one such asset, whether you treat it as a prized possession or choose to make it the perfect gift.
  • Maybe it’s the looks and the dazzling smile, maybe it’s the persona or maybe it’s just that confident, carefree attitude that epitomizes the boldness and irresistible charisma of these glamorous beings celebrating every aspect of passion and obsession ; No matter what the reason, there is one common factor that binds them al is Haramain Million.
  • Coupled with this beautiful fragrance, even your minimalist but sincere exploits will have audiences everywhere rooting for you; the power in Haramain Amber.
  • Made in Kingdom of Saudi Arab
  • Lasting Fragrance
  • Ready stock
  • Fast Delivery